Have you ever been dissatisfied by the reports your web log analyzer produces? A lot of information you're not really interested in?

  • Hits on graphic files or included scripts which are part of a page, but totally irrelevant for your business reports?
  • Hits for administration pages of your CMS?
Really useful information still hidden in the logs, like:
  • which pages have been visited by users after they have been referred from a search engine or somewhere else?
  • what kind of suspicious requests have been made, trying to compromise your system?
  • where do your visitors come from, which country, which city?
  • robot acitivity like when did xyzbot crawl the last time?
What about defining your own reports based on the content of your Apache web server log?
All you need is a database and a frontend to administer the database, define queries and show the results.

WebLogParse is an application to parse webserver logs, split the log lines into fields and store them into a SQLite database. While parsing the log WebLogParse accumulates additional information based on user defined settings.
WebLogParse offers an user interface to query the database with SQL statements and to view the results of the query in tables. Queries can be stored as statements or views for later reuse.

WebLogParse may use an additional GeoIP database to get location information for the logged IP-addresses.

WebLogParse Setup1.36 MB