GeoIP database

WebLogParse may optionally use a GeoIP database to get location information about the IP addresses of the visitors of your website. The GeoIP database is optional because

  • not everyone is interested in this additional information
  • it is big (23 MB compressed self extracting archive and 120 MB uncompressed SQLite database)
  • the results only have a limited trustworthiness, especially for dial -up connections like adsl or cable modem.

The GeoIP database used by WebLogParse is based on the data provided by MaxMind, a company specialized in GeoLocation technology. They provide GeoLite City, a slightly less acurate version of their commercial GeoIp database under an Open Data License. GeoLite City is available at

The database available here is a SQLite database which may be attached to the WebLogParse database.

GeoLiteCity database (self extracting archive)22.87 MB